I didn’t mean to write this, but it happened anyway.

***I didn’t mean to write about the election. It’s just that after being exposed to it for so long, I realized there was some very weird stuff going on in my soul, and some of it had to do with the Trump debacle. So here we go.

This election clustercuss, namely the impossible rise of one repulsive swamp-sucking failed business-wart, has got me all anxious and mad as hell. But that’s fine, right? Everyone gets worked up during campaign season. Anxiety isn’t a big deal.

Except, well, maybe it is.

I always thought anxiety and worry were the same thing: now they feel like two different categories in the same field of fear.Worry overlaps with concern all the time. It can be a signal that something is going on you should pay more attention to. But anxiety is just…bad. It’s just bad. And nobody says, “I’m anxious.” They say, “I’m worried.” Like we’re trying to protect ourselves from panic by masking it with a more gentle, more congenial kind of fear.

Am I anxious? Affirmative. How anxious am I? Hella. Why am I anxious? Besides the collapse of our present political system and the possible election of one of the most repellent, gross men the earth has ever burped up, I don’t know.

A raging hatred of Trump surges through my veins. At the sound of his name, my knee-jerk reaction is to scowl as loudly as the situation allows (and yes, scowling loudly is totally a thing). So I dislike one of the election runners, big whoop. Everyone has a least favorite candidate. I’m more than willing to rant for hours on how terrible, hypocritical, disgusting, sexist, bigoted, financially irresponsible, ugly, wrong that Trump is, and it would be the best hours of my life. Which means I’m just as terrible, just as hypocritical, and just as wrong.

I admitted this to my mom over subs and fries. Mom doesn’t like Trump at all, but she’s wiser and has seen many more elections than I. She shook her head at me. “Hating isn’t going to help. There’s enough hatred out there already, and it’s not making anything better.”

Yes, I’m allowed to care about who leads my country. Yes, Trump’s morals and lack of experience would make him a terrible president, but what politician can honestly live out a moral code and still be a politician? Yes, I’m discouraged by the campaign season so far, but that does not give me an excuse to hate another human. Trump is digging himself deeper into a hole, and if I dug it for him I’d only be digging my own grave.

THIS ISN’T AN EXCUSE TO NOT VOTE. Taking no action is just as harmful as taking hateful action. I intend on voting for the candidate I believe will make the best POTUS, and that candidate will not be Trump. But I still have a responsibility, as a citizen, to try and better my country by voting.

My future, God’s grace and never-ending love, and the Church’s responsibility to care for the earth and those who inhabit it, will not change because of who wins the election. And while Trump-bashing is so, so much fun, acting in hate will only inspire more hate, and more hate. And a world of hate would suck.

So, to finish off this political potluck, here’s some Things I Know For Sure.

  1. Anxiety won’t solve anything. Let it go.
  2. Hatred won’t solve anything. Let it go.
  3. Televised debates are worse than that show about Honey Boo-Boo.

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